​​​​​​​The main achievement of SAFELAND will be used to measure the progress towards the successful completion of the project, and the achievement of its objectives within the timeframe of the project.

Concrete SAFELAND achievements are described as follows:


the operational concept for the management of a single pilot flight, in case of pilot incapacitation, until a safe landing, with the support of the main stakeholders of Single Pilot Operations (SPO)


considerations about regulatory, technology, legal and economic aspects, evidencing the advantages and disadvantages of the different possible implementations of the operational concept.


a final evaluation of the concept based on the results of all the case-studies, including the simulations, and on the related comparison with the baseline. 


high level functionalities and information architecture of the possible additional systems supporting the ground personnel (e.g. air traffic controller, remote pilot) in the management of the flight.

All SAFELAND achievements will be compared with the relevant results of complementary projects investigating how to manage the single plot incapacitation in the frame of Clean Sky and SESAR.

The above-mentioned SAFELAND results are associated with the objectives listed here.