SAFELAND intends to enhance safety in case of single-pilot incapacitation, through an improved ground support centered concept, offering its crucial contribution for the management of the flight until it lands safely.​​​​​​​


This high-level objective has been decomposed in more specific, measurable objectives that the SAFELAND Consortium plans to achieve within the duration of the project. These objectives are the following: 

DEFINE a SAFELAND operational concept

  • with the related ground support procedures
  • for the management of single-pilot incapacitation
  • until a safe landing
  • focused on the ATM perspective

ANALYSE different possible implementations of the SAFELAND concept

  • allocation of the remote piloting functions
  • presence and location of the ground remote pilot
  • level of automation

EVALUATE the SAFELAND concept & procedures

  • with the support of its different stakeholders
  • with a variety of exercises including simulations
  • integrating different actors and components of the concept i.e:
    • Cockpit, Air traffic control position, Remote pilot station, Airline Operational Control Centre, and pseudo-pilot positions
  • including safety and cybersecurity assessment 

IDENTIFY the functionalities of possible new additional systems

  • that could help the ground personnel (e.g. air traffic controller, remote pilot) in their activities
  • in support of the flight management
  • with different levels of autonomy for time-critical decisions.