Submitted on Thu, 11/24/2022 - 16:16

Six  SESAR Joint Undertaking Exploratory Research projects came together in a joint conference to present the latest developments in two of the most promising aviation topics: Drones and Artificial Intelligence.

The event took place in Rome (Italy) on 3-4 November, bringing together INVIRCAT, URClearED, SAFELAND, SafeOPS, Mahalo and Artimation, that have been researching these two topics in the last two years and a half.

In particular,

  • INVIRCAT, URClearED and Safeland presented their advancements on the RPAS integration in the civil air space on the event's opening day, November the 3rd, while
  • SafeOPS, Mahalo and Artimation shared their research activities within the human - AI teaming in aviation framework, on November the 4th.


An audience of 75 aviation professionals, representing a variety of stakeholders (including SMEs, the industry, academia, and decision makers), participated in the conference, which also constituted the final dissemination event for INVIRCAT. 

Presentations from Day 1 - RPAS

Presentations from Day 2 - AI


Project results booklet




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