About us

The EMBRAER RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY EUROPE (AIRHOLDING SA) is the European arm of the Embraer Research and Technology Unit, and is part of Airholding SA, a full European subsidiary of Embraer S.A.
AIRHOLDING SA is mostly involved in collaborative projects, up to TRL 7, with partners in Europe and elsewhere. AIRHOLDING SA aims, at high level, to bring value to the Embraer group by: 

  1. fostering strategic relationships with European networks of partners and suppliers,
  2. creating, exploiting and sustaining new, European based, technology and business streams, and
  3. contribute to the overall of aviation safety improvement. In specific, AIRHOLDING SA is mainly active in projects related with cyber-physical systems, future propulsion, automation, sustainability and mobility. 

AIRHOLDING SA benefits from Embraer 50 year heritage of successful aircraft design, production, certification and support and more than 14 years collaboration with European partners in Framework and National European R&I programmes. AIRHOLDING SA can complement its expertise with know-how from the EMBRAER group, extending its capabilities.

Key assets for the project

In the SAFELAND project, AIRHOLDING SA will participate in the activities related with definition of CONOPS, regulatory support, definition of validation and evaluation of results, besides those related with dissemination and exploitation. AIRHOLDING SA will support the project in connecting with operators and other stakeholders to participate in the assessment workshops. AIRHOLDING SA will bring also the participation of Embraer group operational specialists into the project simulations.