About us

EuroUSC Italia personnel owns more than four decades of involvement in military and civil aviation  at global level and in the domains of ATM/ANS, airspace design and management, aerodromes, flight testing and rulemaking, as well as one decade of practical experience on drones, including airworthiness and qualification of remote pilots, safety assessment, human factors, validation of new concepts and related technologies for Air Traffic Management.
EUROUSC ITALIA covers all domains relevant for the civil UAS industry and for drones flying under General Air Traffic (GAT) rules. The main areas of activity of the company are: consultancy services on RPAS safety and security, standardization of European Regulation and high education for RPAS Pilots and Safety/Quality Managers.

Key assets for the project

EuroUSC Italia personnel is expected to contribute mainly to WP1 and WP3 activities in the following areas: 
Investigation of Regulatory constraints: EUROUSC ITALIA has extensive experience in the assessment of the regulatory compliance for drone operations. Through this activity, carried out on behalf of manufacturers and safety regulators, it has acquired knowledge of rules, procedures and technical standards employed worldwide. EUROUSC ITALIA is also actively involved in several relevant expert groups dealing with the development of rules, standards and procedures. 
Evaluation: The experiences accrued by the team members of EuroUSC Italia include the development of several concepts of operations or operational scenarios in relation to the European RPAS Roadmap (Filippo Tomasello rapporteur of the Working Group on Safety Regulation and  for the ICAO RPAS Manual), to Electronic Flight Bags, Performance-Based Navigation and Integrated Modular Avionics (Filippo Tomasello responsible officer in EASA rule-making on these subjects).

In addition, EuroUSC Italia will give a small contribution in Dissemination, communication and exploitation.