About us

The European University Institute (EUI) is a unique international centre for doctorate and post studies and research, situated in the Tuscan hills overlooking Florence. Since its  establishment 40 years ago by the six founding members of the then European co-leading international academic institution with a European focus. 
The EUI is one of the most culturally diverse doctoral schools anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS) focuses on inter-disciplinary, comparative and policy research on the major issues affecting European societies, while the Max Weber Programme for Post-doctoral Studies prepares fellows for a career in academia.
Nearly 900 scholars from over 60 countries combine to create a truly multi dominant culture. Specific programmes and projects are funded through public sponsors and mainly the European Community: the EUI is involved in research projects covering the various legal, political, social and economic dimensions of the Europeanization processes.

Key assets for the project

EUI will be in charge of legal analysis and compliance of concepts, methodologies and technologies developed in the project. The contribution involves the following tasks:
Concept definition. EUI will analyze the legal constraints of the possible implementations of the concept, focusing in particular on the main responsibility and liability issues, for each involved actor, related to the model of flight tasks and the concept of operation. Besides, EUI will analyse the legal implications of the implementation options for the new concept developed in the project, identifying issues and challenges and suggesting mitigation measures.
Validation results. EUI will assess the potential legal and regulatory implications of the validation plan. In particular, EUI will (1) identify legal and regulatory criteria to be included in the Evaluation Plan; (2) analyse the legal and regulatory a the simulation, in order to identify advantages and disadvantages of each option.
Dissemination. EUI will be involved in the organization of activities and events related to the dissemination of the project, and will provide infrastructures to that end.