About us

LFV (Luftfartsverket - Air Navigation Services of Sweden) is actively involved in many research projects within the EU and aims at improving safety, efficiency as well as overall ATM services within the European airspace. Moreover, LFV is involved in development of new operational concepts, procedures and technical aids in order to streamline the flow management, which is a vital part of Air Traffic Management (ATM) and impacts the environmental foot print of aviation. LFV has high quality competence within many areas such as Air Traffic Control, concept and operational development, Safety and Human Performance. LFV has also expertise within  software development and engineering with an innovative strategy. Examples of services provided by LFV are as follows:
•    Air Navigation Services and Aeronautical Information Services
•    Research and concept development within ATM
•    Safety and efficiency analysis of new concepts and operational procedures
•    Research into Human and Machine interaction
•    Automation and artificial intelligence

Key assets for the project

LFV will mainly be involved in concept development, concept evaluation with relevant deliverables as well as simulation exercises. LFV will contribute with professional competences (ATCO and validation expert) and take part in dissemination and communication of the gained knowledge, experience and outcomes of the project. The followings are our relevant expertise and involvement:

  • Safety: LFV is working to ensure safety within all related areas of services. Air Traffic Control Services provided by LFV today yield the highest safety standard and continue striving to improve. This safety mindset permeates everything within LFV and is crucial to be adopted in automated concepts.
  • Evaluation and Validation expertise: LFV has many years of experience within Air Traffic Management, concept development and validation, and is also strongly connected to the SESAR programme which aims for a modernization of the European airspace. We, therefore, will contribute with valuable operational and conceptual insights.
  • Automation and Artificial Intelligence: LFV will provide with understanding of Human Performance and Human-Machine interactions which are cornerstones in critical systems and lays the foundation in an automation transition process. These contributions are essential to produce an accurate and successful outcome of the SAFELAND project.