About us

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is the airline of Switzerland. In 2019 the company served over 100 destinations in 45 countries worldwide from Zurich and Geneva and carried almost 19 million passengers with its fleet of around 90 aircraft. Its Swiss WorldCargo division provided a comprehensive range of airport-to-airport airfreight services for high-value and care-intensive consignments to around 130 destinations in more than 80 countries. 

As “The Airline of Switzerland”, SWISS embodies its home country’s traditional values, and is committed to delivering the highest product and service quality. With its workforce of some 9,500 personnel, SWISS generated total revenues of over CHF 5 billion in 2019. SWISS is part of the Lufthansa Group, and is also a member of Star Alliance, the world’s biggest airline network.
SWISS is committed on various fronts to the careful and sustainable use of natural resources and pursues a responsible attitude towards the environment as an integral part of its corporate culture. Various internal projects to reduce fuel burn and increase flight efficiency in general have been conducted. The average fuel consumption per 100 passenger kilometres has decreased from 4.39 liters in 2003 to 3.15 liters in 2018 thanks to the replacement of older aircrafts with B777-300 and the brand new Airbus A220 (formerly known as C Series).

Key assets for the project

SWISS is committed to fly its passengers towards their destinations safely, efficiently and punctually.
SWISS believes that this Exploratory Research project will help enhance the procedures between ATC and pilots to insure always continuously safe and more efficient approach and landing phases in a possible future one-single pilot situation. SWISS will provide operational expertise and pilot expertise to support the project, its long-term knowledge and experience and its will to always further improve the safety level of its operations.

SWISS will provide the view of an airspace user to the project, contributing to the definition of the concept in WP1 and to its evaluation, including the preliminary safety and cyber-security assessment.